Monday, January 24, 2011

Who's Reading What?

I try to pay attention to my blog stats because I am curious, and I can provide more relevant information if I know my audience. Then I decided I could present some of those stats for you.

Who's reading me? (roughly 86% of readers)

United States58.84%
United Kingdom9.84%
South Korea0.58%

What are they reading? (roughly 25% of views)

Work permit 1 of 5: Introduction5.00%
Work permit 3 of 5: Applying for Jobs3.50%
Work permit 2 of 5: Preparing your Résumé3.32%
Why you'll say "no" to living abroad3.03%
Work permit 5 of 5: Salary Negotiation2.84%
Work permit 4 of 5: Interviewing2.23%
Do I need a college degree?1.52%
What's up with the hookers and pot?1.45%
Are your papers in order?1.39%

Make of that what you will. Most of my traffic has been driven by Reddit, but a substantial chunk has been driven by my blogs and links from the Perl community, thus skewing the numbers quite a bit.

Now I'm trying to figure out the best way of driving my readership even higher. It looks like I'm on track for about 5,000 views a month, but I want this to reach out to more people who'd like to experience other countries. SEO advice anyone?