Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where do you want to go?

For those who don't want to read all of this, that's fine. However, I would love a short response explaining which country or countries you would like to move to and why.

Machu Pichu
Machu Pichu, Peru
Photo by Chang'r
Yesterday I asked Why do you want to leave? Today I'd like to know "Where do you want to go?"  Yesterday was about the "push" factors and today is about the "pull" factors. While I've heard stories about people throwing darts at a map, they remain stories. Everyone I've met I gone some place in particular, though not all were at the place they thought they were going. Different people seem to leave for different reasons, though "job opportunities" is one of the largest motivators. I left for a variety of reasons, though adventure was pretty high on the list.

I chose the UK back in 2006 because I speak English, I had companies willing to hire me there and I have two brothers and a sister living there. For me it was an easy choice. Today after seeing much more of the world and writing this blog, I think I might look at Asia or South America.

For those looking at a better social safety net, Europe is an obvious destination, whereas those merely looking for more money or jobs (not bad motivations at all!), will often cast there eye on the US or Australia. Inexpensive property, particularly to retire, often leads to Asia or Central and South America.

Whatever your reasoning, there's a huge world out there and if you could take a bit of time to tell me where you want to go and why, I can do a better job of trying to research some of those answers for this blog.