Friday, March 11, 2011

Photo Collection: Ruins

The Friday's photo set is about ruins. They always fascinate me. Every time I visit a new country or town and get a chance to check out some ruins, my mind automatically starts wondering who lived there, what was their life like, how did the ruins fall into disrepair, etc. If only stone could talk ...

Castle Hanstein
Hanstein Castle, Germany
Photo by Earkle

Mayan ruins at Uxmal
Photo by Joanna Poe

ruins from above
Ruins of Gedi, Kenya
Photo by meaduva

Ayutthaya, Thailand
Photo by Jeffery Beggerly

Gunkanjima island
Gunkanjima (Hashima) Island
Photo by Kenta Mabuchi

Tanzania - Zanzibar
Ruins in Zanzibar
Photo by Marc Veraart

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