Thursday, March 17, 2011

Volunteer to Teach English in Italy

Want to spend a month or two in the coastal Italian town of Porto Sant'Elpidio?

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GeoVisions is an organization which arranges volunteer teaching opportunities around the world. I stumbled across them when reading about a volunteer summer teaching opportunity in Italy. For $1,500 US (plus the cost of flights and some meals), you can spend four to eight weeks in a shared apartment on the Italian beach. In exchange, you agree to provide 20 hours a week of English tutoring at a summer camp.

GeoVisions looks very interesting and they also offer paid placements. You won't get rich at any of them unless you count world experience as riches.


  1. Quick question? Do I need to know Italian? Also, I pay them 1500?

    1. Hi Mekamek,

      Yes, you're paying them. Unfortunately, this is very common for many volunteer positions. Non-profits groups usually can't afford to pay to fly people around the world.

      They state that you don't need to know Italian, but it does help. As someone who's traveled all over Europe, I can promise you that any knowledge of the local language is a huge benefit. Plus, you're more likely to be accepted in such volunteer programs if you have unique skills which set you apart.