Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Great BBQ

I took a few days off last week, taking advantage of the fact that I enjoy five weeks holiday here in the Netherlands. Last Thursday, my wife and I threw an impromptu BBQ with our neighbors. Two grills, plenty of beer and wine and fantastic company (who asked that I not post photos of them).

Leïla and the BBQ
My wife overlooking the table out back.

And here's our cat Arthur, trying to figure out how to get out of a neighbor's tree.

Our cat, Arthur, stuck in a tree
He's a lovely cat, but not the brightest.

Sadly, the owner's wife is pregnant and they're returning to the Netherlands, so we've decided to vacate the house early so she doesn't have to move twice upon her return (Leïla, naturally, is rather sympathetic to the plight of pregnant women). House hunting has begun again, but with us traveling to Nice, France for a week next month and then me traveling to the US for a week after that, we have far less free time than we thought. So it's not only house hunting, it's house hunting under pressure in a country we don't know well. Fun!


  1. Leila looks fantastic :)
    Good luck for the hunt :s

  2. Moving: BOO! Hopefully you find another place maybe even closer to your work?

    US: YAY? PDX? Or are you going to be in some tech conference? I have an extra bedroom now, for the record. With a bed in it and everything. I owe you for past and future sleepings in Holland...

  3. @thedr9wningman: yes, I'll be in Portland in July for the OSCON conference. And thanks for the offer of a bed, but my hotel room is already taken care of by my company :)

    (You'll still be welcome to visit and crash with us, of course!)