Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to move to Europe, the long version

Generally when I encounter good information for people about how to emigrate, I summarize it here and then provide you with links so you can go digging for more information. This has two benefits:

Beggar Cat
A cat in Corsica who kept coming by
a villa I rented and begging for food.
  1. You can judge from the quick overview if the information is pertinent to you
  2. I'm not sending you away

That last point sounds rather cheeky, but many Web sites try to employ strategies to keep you on their Web site and frankly, I want people to keep reading through a lot of the articles here.

Except today. Go read Europe for Non-EU Citizens. Not only is it a huge, comprehensive explanation of various strategies about how you can move to Europe, but the author, Sharon de Hinojosa, updates it regularly with new information, so you should bookmark it too.

I'm pretty sure that much of the information won't be applicable to you, but you'll probably find a few things that you never knew about — I certainly did.

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