Friday, June 24, 2011

Teaching English in Thailand

By now, if you're reading regularly, you should probably have a good idea of where you can look to find job opportunities, but I'm still going to post direct possibilities here just to keep you motivated and may to help you stumble across an opportunity you would have otherwise missed.

Thailand Christmas 2005 004
Do you want to live here or be a tourist?
Photo by Steph and Adam Kahtava
If you're not highly skilled but you are a native English speaker, teaching English is still an easy way out (even for married couples!). As I've mentioned previously, though, you need to get certified. It's harder to get an English teaching job without it and it will open up many avenues you previously hadn't had — not to mention the fact that it pays better.

Case in point, the AUA Language Center, with 18 campuses across Thailand, lists the following in their job requirements for English teachers:
  • native-like command of English
  • bachelor's degree
  • 120 Hour TEFL certificate (SIT, CELTA or equivalent)
  • teaching experience preferred (not required!)
  • one-year commitment
Note that in another advert of theirs, they point out that this 120 hour TEFL certificate must be face-to-face. No dodgy Web sites promising certification allowed. Not every company who might hire you will require a bachelor's degree and some will have less stringent certification requirements, but the less they ask of you, the more likely you're going to hit a school you'd rather avoid.

So why aren't you enrolled in TEFL classes yet?

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