Friday, September 23, 2011

How many expats are there?

As reported in Organisation appeals for expat Americans to stand up and be counted, the Overseas Vote Foundation is trying to leverage the Web to count how many US expats there are around the world. Estimates seem to range between four and ten million, but no one is sure. And here's an interesting twist: my daughter is a French American, but she was born here in Amsterdam and has never been in the US. She's clearly not an expat, but will eventually (in theory) have the right to vote.

They're a non-partisan group and they are there to help overseas Americans claim their right to vote.

It's about damned time.


  1. Hmm...not that I'm skeptical or anything, but when I clicked on the link above, the Chrome "Murdoch Block" plugin kept the site from loading.

    Just makes me wonder if it's really non-partisan.

  2. @Anonymous: if you click the on the Telegraph link, I would expect the Murdoch block to kick in. I'm not aware of a Murdoch relation to the Overseas Vote Foundation. Which link did you click?

    (Though I've speculated that the latter would be an interesting attempt by the IRS to track down expat tax dodgers)

  3. In retrospect just the first link. I guess the just the article about the organization was hosted by Newscorps, which can happen I suppose. You're right, the "Overseas Vote Foundation" link works fine.

    False alarm

    Interesting point about the IRS thing though. Have you blogged about filing as an expat already? (I've only been following this for a few months now)