Friday, October 28, 2011

Working in Prague

I've been impressed with the quality of this conference so far, but as usual, I have little time to see the city. I'm pretty wiped out from the long days, but it's been fun and I think we've found some good candidates who might relocate to Amsterdam. This is a short video of the view from the restaurant last night's VIP dinner was at, but I've not much else to say.

I wish I could see more of this city as it looks beautiful. The prices are also incredibly cheap. I had a plate of pork ribs for about €7 and a huge, tasty noodle lunch for €3 to €4. It's astonishing how inexspensive everything is, though it would be nice not hearing the conference attendees talking in front of locals about how cheap and run down they think the city is. What makes people think this is appropriate?

I'm also amazed at how many Czech people speak English. This is good news for readers interested in the Czech Green Card or the Czech Blue Card.