Friday, November 18, 2011

Employment for Foreigners in France

Photo by Taxiarchos228
In the post Foreigners in France: Fewer Opportunities for Employment, the author describes how France is trying to limit foreigners taking jobs away from French people. Technically, an employer cannot discriminate against you for not being French, but if you don't yet have a work permit, the government's made it a bit harder to acquire one. What's really interesting is how this is clearly a political move and not a realistic one: only 0.03% of residents in France are seeking a work permit. Clearly a grave threat to the Republic!

Naturally I'll be upgrading this blog with with more information about France now, including tips on working here, but it looks like it's going to be a harder task. Make it easy on yourself and just find someone French to marry (Leïla's taken, sorry guys!).

Update: I should make it clear that the new rules seem to largely apply to foreigners already living in France trying to switch to a work permit rather than a residence or student-based visa. That's why the 0.03% number is important. It's not about the number of people wanting to get into France.

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  1. Bad news for both France and the job seeker. They want their citizens to have a job first than the foreign one. Good action for the government.