Monday, December 19, 2011

Apartment Hunting in Paris

We're in Paris for a few days looking for an apartment. Leila asked what I wanted to do with some spare time so naturally I said "Eiffel Tower". I haven't seen it since 1999 and I was looking forward to seeing it again. Fortunately, though cold, the weather was beautiful.

If you've never seen the Tower in person, it might be surprising to learn how large it is. I know I was certainly surprised the first time I saw it. The base in enormous.

As for the flat hunting, Leila, as is her wont, did a huge amount of research and already knew the flat we wanted. It's a lovely two-bedroom in Les Lilas just a few minutes away from my work. Finding something affordable that close is a huge stroke of luck. We have a bit of paperwork to handle today and, if all goes well  (there is still one tiny hitch we're trying to resolve) then we will have the place and move in the middle of January, about a month and a half earlier than we thought.

Interestingly, we'll be signing a three-year contract. That scared the heck out of me at first, but Leila explained that in France, it simply guarantees that the flat is ours for three years, but we can leave earlier if desired. It's not a "lease" in the sense of what I'm used to in the US.

After wanting to move here for decades, it's finally happening. Wow.

In other great news, Leila's birthday was yesterday, so this makes a lovely present for her.