Friday, December 9, 2011

More Americans plan to leave the US

First, we have this Zogby poll of 115,000 Americans showing that up to 20% of American households are considering living outside the US, at least part time. That article is four years old, but it turns out that Bob Adams, the gentleman whose company conducted the survey, is continuing to conduct surveys. As it turns out, the number of young people who want to leave the US has increased quite a bit.

One number is particularly striking to me:
Younger Americans seem even keener to look abroad, with 40 percent of those 18-24 expressing interest in foreign relocation, which is up from 15 percent two years ago.

Some of this is adventurism. Some of this is disenchantment with US politics. Some of this is fear for the US economic future. All of this is interesting. Something significant is happening, but unless Americans can figure out how to get out, there won't be much change. Still, it looks like I should be writing an "Expat Howto" book now, instead of another programming book.

You can read more at the American Wave web site. It has a lot of fascinating information.