Friday, February 3, 2012

Want to teach overseas? Try England!

teaching with emotion: a halloween story
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I realize most readers aren't qualified teachers, but maybe it will be incentive for you to pick up that certificate.

The Training and Development Agency for Schools, a UK government agency, has an Overseas Trained Teacher Programme, also known as the OTTP.  Various teaching roles are on the UK Occupation Shortage List and this makes it much easier to get work over there. You need to apply at a school and, if they are willing to offer you a position, you can work in England for up to four years as an "unqualified teacher" until you get qualified. Financial aid, while not guaranteed, is available to help you with your qualifications.

Note that you'll be hired as an "unqualified teacher" and if they stick with standard pay scales, your salary may be pretty bleak.
  • London fringe: £16,856–£26,052
  • Outer London: £18,789–£27,992
  • Inner London: £19,893–£29,088
  • Rest of England and Wales: £15,817–£25,016
Note, however, that those are minimum salaries. You may be able to negotiate to a higher end of the range. But hey, you didn't get into teaching for the lavish lifestyle, did you?

Read my work permit series to get a better understanding of how to improve your chances of a job offer and a better salary.

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  1. I had a friend do that. Be aware that the schools aren't usually the best.