Friday, March 30, 2012

And now for something completely different

Absolutely nothing I've the time to write as I'll be spending the next few days at the Perl QA Hackathon here in Paris. They're held in a different country every year, I've attended every one of them and, curiously, this will be the third time they're being held in the country I'm living in. Given that, here's a snippet from my past, vaguely related to my family and my profession.

A number of years ago, when I was still living in London, I was asked to make a promotional video for a conference in Lisbon, Portugal (I proposed to my wife at that conference). When I had moved to the UK, I met family members that I didn't even know existed a few years ago. I made this video with my brother Greg.

I was quite pleased with how the video turned and later, at the request of a few people, I released the promo outtakes. Warning: strong language ahead!

He still lives in London, sharing a flat with another brother we didn't know about while growing up, Lewis. Our sister Lynne lives in Stoke-on-Trent a few hours north and we have a sister, Gayle, living in Texas, closer to where our mother lives. Our father, Jim, lives in Germany, and I've a few uncles, aunts and cousins scattered hither and yon.

I only knew my mother and sister growing up (aside from two other brothers who are dead), so finding out I had so many brothers and sisters came as quite a shock to me. I still remember the first time talking to my newfound sister Lynne that I wanted to live in the UK. A year later, I was. Interesting the turns life takes, yes?

Anyway, off to the Hackathon. See you in a few days!

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