Monday, March 26, 2012

High-end Perl Job in New York City (H1B Visa)

New York City.
New York City
Photo by Kyle McCluer
I asked about recruiters and now I have one who has given me a lead and another one who's finding out if any of his client are willing to sponsor.

The lead is a position in New York City by a company willing to sponsor an H-1B visa for the right applicant. They are willing to sponsor that visa because the right applicant is very hard to come by.

Essentially, the Person needs to be an extremely  experienced Perl programmer. They must be comfortable with a C compiler and have a thorough understanding of algorithms. The work is independent of the work done by the company. You would be building tools needed to build the primary application of the company, a 1GB (that's not a typo) C++ binary that needs to be compiled in a distributed manner on multiple platforms.

New York City
New York City (nope, not Tokyo!)
Photo by Vikram Vetrivel
For this role, it was specifically pointed out to me that a typical résumé of "I've got three years of solid Perl experience" is simply not going to cut it.  Unfortunately, many Perl résumés I've come across are of exactly this variety. In short: this is a real job with a great opportunity to get an H1B visa to the US, but if don't think you'll qualify, please don't apply and burn my bridge with this recruiter :)

You can contact him a The individual who runs that business is himself a well-known expert Perl programmer and you won't be able to bluff your way past him, but if you've got the chops and are itching to live in the Big Apple, drop him a line and let him know I sent you.


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    1. No honey, we are not moving again, thank you :)

  2. Rumor has it that INS hasn't closed the spousal 'loophole' so you could move again. Come back to this side of the pond already

    1. I'm sorry Mark, can you please give me a 273 reasons why I would want to move back to the US? :)

      I get more vacation time over here. I get better medical care over here. And heck, I'm just having too much fun exploring new countries and cultures all of the time. No, I think things look pretty rosy on this side of the pond right now :)

    2. @Mark: Heh :) I've been called traitor enough times by Americans to know that it might be true that 273 Americans like me, but I wouldn't bet more than that!

      Grumble: Why I'm a traitor for being happy to explore new countries is beyond me.