Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Paris Sunday Market

Last Sunday Le├»la and I went down to the local Sunday market to go shopping.  It's actually in Les Lilas, on the outskirts of Paris, but no one knows where the hell that is, so I just say Paris.

I don't know why, but I love going to that market. The food is incredible, there are all sort of strange things to find and I always want to buy too much. You can click on each of the pictures to see it larger.

IMG_0067Before moving to Europe, I'm embarrassed to admit that I never knew that scallops had that yellow extra bit. Of course, I also didn't know that scallops have up to 200 eyes.
Zombie FoodZombie food!
IMG_0064These delightful French treats, known as macarons, are locally made and absolutely delicious. 
IMG_0068You probably don't want that sausage in the background, but it's damned tasty.
Yum!Damn, but I love the food here.
Plenty of used booksIf you look carefully, you'll notice one of the titles of the used books is Je voudrais me suicider, mais je n'ai pas le temps (I would like to kill myself, but I don't have the time).
Their meats are very deliciousHe stopped me and insisted I take his photo. I was happy to oblige. We've bought food from this place before and have I mentioned how damned good the food is over here?