Friday, August 3, 2012

Finding Universities in Europe

beautiful old auditorium at German university
The Old Auditorium at the University of Tübingen, Germany
Photo by Stefan Baguette
If you follow the Overseas Exile Google+ page, you probably saw a bunch of education related posts recently. This is because I went through and started retagging a bunch of posts with an education label. I deliberately keep the number of labels on this site low because I want them focused and easy to browse through, but so many countries offer preferential immigration policies to foreigners who graduate from their universities that I'd be a fool to ignore this.

The education posts cover issues such as countries offering free university degrees to foreigners, obtaining (US) financial aid for foreign universities, whether or not a degree is required, and so on.

Today's post, via a post on Reddit, covers how to find the appropriate European university for you. You can search for:
As listed in my education links, many European universities are free or very inexpensive, even for non-EU citizens. In fact, there are Americans who are studying in Europe just because they're finding it cheaper than studying in the US. My wife, who is French, spent less than 3,000 euro for a Masters in French Law. If you were to study at the German University of Tübingen, you would discover that they don't charge exchange students tuition they charge 603,50 € per semester, even if you are a foreign student, though it's possible that the fee may be abolished.

It depends on the country, but if you qualify to study there, you'll often find that your student visa lets you work part time, allowing just as you likely would if you were attending university in your home country. If you want to live in another country but you still want to complete your education, why not do both?

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