Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dear Blog Spammers

Photo by Don O'Brien
You may be surprised to note that I've actually approved one or two blog spam comments because they really were very damned relevant. They were also reasonably well-written, but they're the exception.

The vast majority of spam on this blog is deleted immediately because you insist upon repeatedly posting crap spam, though the content would actually be useful to my readers. In fact, in visiting some of the sites you're flogging, I've actually found some of them to be interesting and further digging suggests that you're legitimate.

Do you want to get your message across? I actually accept guest posts, but they have to be relevant, moderately well-written and not a huge spam-fest of links. I don't even charge for them because I want relevant information for my readers. Oh, but that means you're going to have to put some effort into this and I guess you're not going to do that.

So I'll keep deleting your spam, but if you ever want to step up and provide real content that would actually help people move abroad, I'll be waiting. Until then, I'll be deleting away and no one will ever see your message.

This message brought to you by the "exercise in futility" department.