Monday, November 19, 2012

The Overseas Exile Facebook Page

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I write this blog because I'm passionate about helping people realize their dreams. I love the world and I want to help people move anywhere in the world they want. Whether that's moving overseas or becoming an expat in the country next door, I don't care. I just know that living in multiple countries has been wonderful for me, so I want to help others do the same thing, but finding out about the opportunities is hard. Did you know about the Czech Green Card? Are you aware that many people teach English in foreign countries? Or that you might qualify for a year-long working holiday in Australia or New Zealand?

For a couple of years now, I've been diligently posting updates, telling people how they can become an expat. Though I get email from people telling me that they've just discovered the site and have spent hours reading everything about moving abroad (this happens more than I would have thought), there's still a ways to go before everyone can find out how easy being an expat is. That's when I decided to get a Facebook Page for Overseas Exile. People forget blogs, but they don't forget Facebook. They log into Facebook every day and with an estimated billion plus users, that's quite a market to tap into.

As it turns out, you can help. Go to the Overseas Exile Facebook Page and click "Like". Share it with your friends who may not have heard about it but may be curious about living abroad. When something new is posted to Facebook, consider sharing that, too. Everyone should have the opportunity to move abroad and be an expat and I want to help them make that happen.

For those who prefer Google, we have a page on Google Plus, too, but Google+ hasn't been very useful. After only a couple of hours, the Facebook page had as many "likes" as the Google+ page has garnered for its entire existence.

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