Monday, January 7, 2013

White House Petition to Enact Residence-Based Taxation

Photo courtesy Matt Wade photography
For those of you who are aware of the issue, there's a petition to change the US federal income tax from a citizen-based tax system to a residence-based tax system like the rest of the world. Please sign this petition. I doubt it will do much good as there aren't many in the US government who seem to give a damn about expats, but we have to try.


  1. I signed and sent the link around to family and friends. Hopefully we can get some attention to this. Did you post it to the IWO reddit?

  2. I already renounced so I can't sign it. Yet, hopefully enough people will sign it to give Americans abroad some hope that the situation will improve.

  3. Good thoughts to get this done!!

  4. It looks pretty unlikely that this is going to get enough signatures.

    There is always the backup option of just buying the St. Kitts passport and renouncing...

  5. Most countries embrace their citizens who live and work abroad. The United States punishes them with double-taxation, complicated form filing and heavy penalties.

    What services do Americans abroad receive in return? Nothing!

    Citizenship-based taxation is evil and must be brought to an end.