Friday, March 29, 2013

Why Should You Travel?

I have to confess that I hadn't heard about Rick Steves before now, but I really enjoyed this talk he gave at a TEDx conference (as you may know, TEDx isn't TED and it's been subject to some quality issues).

When you think about what he says, though, he's talking about some very extensive travel, something most people can't afford. So people take brief trips and often see this:

Le Meridien Cancun Pools
What people think when you say "Cancun"
Photo by pdbreen

And fail to see this right behind it:

Cancun 2
Many people call Cancun "home"
Photo by Robbie Grubbs
That's not an isolated photo. The poverty of Cancun is well-known. Here are some more photos if you like.

Don't just take a two-week holiday somewhere. Live there instead.

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