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Many people have questions, suggestions, interesting anecdotes they would like to share, or just want to send email saying "thank you" (and sometimes saying less pleasant things). Feel free to send email to ovid at overseas-exile dot com. All email is confidential.

If you have questions about getting out, I can try to help, but please do understand that I have limited time. If you ask, please provide as much of the following information as you are willing:
  • Your age.
  • Your nationality and current location (you can be vague about the latter).
  • Your parent and grandparent's nationality.
  • Where you want to go ("anywhere" is a fine answer).
  • Are you willing to consider alternative destinations?
  • Your education background.
  • Your real job skills. Be specific. IT skills could mean "I have 8 years of experience building enterprise-scale OLAP systems with Oracle and .Net". or "I installed a sound card on my mom's PC".
  • Any language skills (including English, if it's not your native language)
  • Any criminal convictions?
  • Do you want to move abroad permanently?
  • Family situation (just you, you and a partner, you, your partner and 12 children?)
  • Financial situation.
Yes, that's a lot of information. The more you provide, the more specific I can be, but I understand not wanting to send that to a complete stranger. Please be aware that I get a lot of email and sometimes email slips through the cracks. Or I might just give you a short "read this" response. I trust you'll understand why.

From time to time I might ask if I can repost your email (and my response) to the mailbag. If you agree, I will anonymize your email and possibly make small edits to focus on the question at hand.
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