Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Australia - Work and Holiday Visa

Canberra autumn
Canberra in Autumn
Photo by Ruth Ellison
Are you 18 to 30 years old and fancy a year in Australia? Take a working holiday in Australia! The rules will vary slightly based on your country of origin (for example, here are the Australian working holiday rules for US citizens), but basically, it's a scheme designed to attract young people to the country — many countries seek young workers — and it's fairly easy to qualify for. Just keep your nose clean and save up a bit of cash for the initial flight.

Sydney Lights
Sydney at Night
Photo by Flying Cloud
I have friends who've emigrated to Australia and others who were raised there who will cheerfully tell you what a fantastic country it is. Were I younger, I would jump at the chance. It's a great way to dip your toe in the expatriate water and decide if living abroad is really for you. As I've mentioned before, many people find it hard to live far away from friends and family, but if it's for a fixed amount of time, perhaps it's easier to deal with.

And if you prefer, New Zealand has a working holiday scheme too!


  1. What if I am not young but want to see the world?

  2. @djnevermore: I'll keep posting more ideas and hopefully cover everyone. The [5 part work permit series](, even if you think it doesn't apply, is a good start because you can at least get some of the basics taken care of while you search for other countries. It's sad because it's getting harder and harder to move all the time :(

  3. What if you're a senior? Where might you suggest for people to retire to?