Monday, December 27, 2010

Not a scam

Just a quick note for today: it's really sad that so many "expat" web sites out there are little more than link farms or real estate scams. It can be very hard to get good information and I'll be doing my best to steer you in the right direction. Already there's at least one well-known expat Web site which is now little more than ads with just hints of content here and there.

Keep reading and I'll make sure you get real information, not spam.

Meanwhile, I think I'll be heading to the hospital with my wife and maybe see where our baby will be born. Being born in Amsterdam to French and American parents might give her a rather interesting legal status. I'll write more about that later. It's not always straightforward.


  1. You recruited a new viewer of your blog from:

    In the future I would like to move to either Switzerland, France or Germany, in that order, so this blog looks very helpful in terms of teaching me how to get the papers and applications in order and all of the many other topics you have covered.

    I might not comment much besides this, but you are assured at least one viewer.

  2. maybe I'm just slow but is there any content here besides this post? I saw this on reddit as well and was hoping for... some substance

  3. Mike, if you look to your right you will see all the posts that have been written.

  4. alright, maybe I am dense. I see just the color beige on the right. I'm using a mac, os x, and google chrome. Just tried it in firefox as well, no dice.. but it works in safari what the fuck.

    is this just a common mac issue?

  5. Hi;
    Thanks for putting this up, I came back from Hong Kong in late September. Beautiful area, friendly people, can't wait to go back. Here's hoping I can find some resources to expatriate. Getting out of the US for a visit elsewhere is long overdue. Relocating outside of the US to start a new life is an ongoing dream.

  6. @Mike: I'm sorry to hear you're having problems. I also am using OS X and have no problem with any of my browsers.

  7. You are exactly right. So man of the 'expat' sites are just there to sell you real estate and spam your email box. Thank you for your hard work and help, it is much appreciated!

    I have bookmarked the site and am forwarding it to several friends who are interested in this info as well :)

  8. @Anonymous: I'm happy you like the site and that you're telling people about it. I want to see more people travelling the world :)

  9. Thanks :) I don't want to live in America anymore :( It has been hijacked by extremist fundamentalists and it's only getting worse, in my opinion (Palin, Beck, The Tea Party, etc.). Ultimately, I would like to live in Sweden, Norway or Germany.

    It's completely horrible that the Senators and Congresspeople in the U.S. spread fear about socialized programs. They know they are committing treason against us, the citizens, but they don't care one bit. They'll be out of office and living far away from the U.S., so they'll never be held accountable for their actions.

    I just want to live a peaceful life, write music and be happy with my Wife by my side :) I don't care about money, that's why I feel like I don't belong in America anymore.

    All of our holidays here have turned into selfish little spending sprees, where hearts are broken, marriages ended and even families broken apart if one of them doesn't get something "they want". It's sad :(

    Viva Europe!

  10. Me again (Anonymous person from before)

    To be honest, the whole reason I haven't made the move is because of money. I am disabled due to a severe spinal injury but my wife has a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and is a very brilliant lady. I have played guitar for 21 years, and was planning on giving guitar lessons in and lessons to help make ends meet once I got over there.

    We want nothing more than to get out of here and over to Europe as soon as possible. What would be the best way for us to do so? How much money would we need, realistically? Thanks in advance

  11. @No Security: the general rule of thumb with international travel is "the more desirable the location, the harder it is to get in." So I might ask "why Europe?"

    If you're willing to consider non-European locations, the world starts to open up quite a bit. For example, with a TEFL certification, your wife could easily teach English in South Korea and make good money. You could probably do the same. Uruguay is also moderately easy to get into if you can establish an income.

    A "Bachelor's Degree in Sociology" is helpful to show a degree, but what's really important is work. I don't know what field she's in, but it's likely you'd want to target a country that has a shortage of workers in her field and is willing to sponsor. As for how much money, it's honestly impossible to say. It depends on the country you'd be going to, whether or not you need to pay your way over, whether or not you plan on returning to the US, etc. With almost 200 countries on the planet, it's tough to give specific answers :)

  12. Mainly for the health care but also to live in a peaceful European country. I understand the grass isn't always greener and we all bring our problems with us, whatever they are, but it has to be better than here. I do know that we will work however hard it takes for us to realize our dreams.

    It just seems that people are treated with value there in Europe. I feel like we're treated more and more like cattle here in the U.S., and it seems to be getting worse with every passing day.

    I have no future here in the U.S. I use a cane to walk and have been in a wheelchair more frequently now that the disease seems to be progressing further. We aren't planning on coming back to the U.S., after we are settled in to our new country.

    My wife speaks quite a bit of German so maybe that is an option, as well.

    Again, thanks for the hard work involved with making this blog and for your time helping me :)

    --No Security