Monday, January 24, 2011

Who's Reading What?

I try to pay attention to my blog stats because I am curious, and I can provide more relevant information if I know my audience. Then I decided I could present some of those stats for you.

Who's reading me? (roughly 86% of readers)

United States58.84%
United Kingdom9.84%
South Korea0.58%

What are they reading? (roughly 25% of views)

Work permit 1 of 5: Introduction5.00%
Work permit 3 of 5: Applying for Jobs3.50%
Work permit 2 of 5: Preparing your Résumé3.32%
Why you'll say "no" to living abroad3.03%
Work permit 5 of 5: Salary Negotiation2.84%
Work permit 4 of 5: Interviewing2.23%
Do I need a college degree?1.52%
What's up with the hookers and pot?1.45%
Are your papers in order?1.39%

Make of that what you will. Most of my traffic has been driven by Reddit, but a substantial chunk has been driven by my blogs and links from the Perl community, thus skewing the numbers quite a bit.

Now I'm trying to figure out the best way of driving my readership even higher. It looks like I'm on track for about 5,000 views a month, but I want this to reach out to more people who'd like to experience other countries. SEO advice anyone?


  1. Only code-based SEO advice I can give you is, use a meta description tag. Its content is one or two short sentences describing the content of that page. Works in conjunction with your title tag.

    And, your code-to-content ratio is hideous: robots have to crawl through a lot of garbage tags before actually reaching any content. However, I can't see any way around this for you short of not using a templating system. They are all full of tremendous code bloat. Also the specific SEO benefits of lower CTC ratios is unknown.

  2. I think the biggest thing you can do is in the "off-page" SEO category. Your posts are great and provide solid info for anyone (particularly Americans) interested in living abroad. So what you need to do is start to try and get others to link to your posts. The "on-page" stuff is relatively easy, and you are very technical, so I'm sure you have/will figure that all out.

    The "off-page" stuff is the part of SEO that is the real work - reaching out to other expat bloggers, participating in expat forums, etc. You might also want to try guest posts on other blogs or submitting you posts to sites like Expatica. Once you do all this you will start to see the SEO benefits/results when your posts start getting linked to by credible expat bloggers/sites.