Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dave's ESL Café - Teach English Abroad!

I've mentioned teaching English abroad before, but I would be amiss in not mentioning Dave's ESL Café. It's been around since at least 1996 (that link takes you to the Internet archive. It might be slow), and whenever serious discussions about teaching English in foreign countries happen on the Web, Dave's is always mentioned. To be fair, not everyone is a fan of the Café and whether you agree with the criticism or not, it's always a good idea to be sure that you understand the laws of the country you're going to, whether or not position you're accepting complies with that law and what your options are if they do not. That being said ...

Dave's offers what is likely the largest collection of teaching English job advertisements around the world. Many new jobs are posted every day and the job links section lists many other sites with job offers (72 in Europe alone, but with some dead links).  He also has extensive sections for teacher, students, and "everyone".

Or you can just look at the photo gallery of his life in Thailand and wonder what you've been missing out on.

There are really plenty of opportunities out there for just about anyone. The only person holding you back is you.

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