Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Collection: Egypt

In light of recent events in Egypt, I thought a photo collection from around Egypt would be nice, to remind the world that there's a lot more to Egypt than Mubarak and a square full of protesters.

Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt
Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Photo by Simona Scolari

Cairo street scenes, Dec 2008 - 25
Photo by Ed Yourdon

Montazah Bay
Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Dahab, Egypt
Dahab, Egypt
Photo by Igor Klisov

شرم الشيخ مصر sharm el sheik Egypt
شرم الشيخ مصر Sharm el Sheik
Photo by Dr. Mohammad Bahareth

1 comment:

  1. In the Cairo photo by Ed Yourdon, the dog is headless. Does anyone else feel this to be sort of odd? What sort of headless-dog country is this?