Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo Collection: Libya

As last week I focused on Egypt due to their uprising, this week's photo collection is of Libya. Let us hope their revolution is successful.

Rock Paintings - Tadrart Acacus, Libya
Libyan history goes back 14,000 years.
Photo by Jim Trodel

Theatre, Leptis Magna, Libya
Ruins 130km east of Tripoli, from the 3,000 year old city of Leptis Magna
Photo by Bob Rayner

Dargouth Turkish Bath, detail, Tripoli Medina, Libya, August 2007
Turkish baths in Tripoli look quite comfortable
Photo by R. Barraez D'Lucca

Street in old Tripoli
I love finding the delightful ancient architecture everywhere
Photo by David Stanley

And the ubiquitous street vendor. Perhaps they will now become a symbol of freedom.
Photo by Vincenzo_P

Egyptians demonstrate for Libya
And finally, something to think about ...
Photo by Darla Hueske


  1. The 'ruins' look very... unruined.

  2. Thank you for using my photo to illustrate your blog post.

    1. You're quite welcome. Thank you for the CC license on it!