Wednesday, March 23, 2011

French Foreign Legion Myths

Today's post will be a little strange because of two things:
  1. People keep arriving here after researching the French Foreign Legion
  2. People keep repeating incorrect information about the Legion
I've gotten so tired of people repeating the same myths about the French Foreign Legion that I've created a page specifically for handy reference in correcting misperceptions.


  1. I've come by an article from BBC saying that the Legion will be taking women as of the year 2000, see here's the article
    I'm interested in it for myself after a failed marine corps career years ago, haven't been in a good mood ever since then. Strangely enough I've called some of the recruit numbers in France and it just rings..guess I'll have to get in touch with the French embassy in Washington. But everywhere I turn to online everyone says no women... that article is all Ive got! what do you think about this any suggestions my e-mail is

  2. @cgdejean: I'm afraid that the Legion does not appear to admit women. There was a spate of articles from 2000 when the change was announced, but it does not appear to be implemented and every person I've seen online claiming the Legion admits women does not cite any sources.

    If you read the Legion's English recruiting page, they specifically state that they are 7,699 men and their enlistment conditions page states that "whatever your marital status is (single, married, divorced..) you will be enlisted as a single man". (Also note that it says recruitment will only occur in France, so that might be why you've received no answer to your queries).

    You didn't state your nationality and I think you may be American, but on the off you're a citizen of a former Spanish colony in Central or South America, there's another option: the Spanish Foreign Legion (I should write a post about this at some point).

    Though it probably does not make you feel much better, I thought you might enjoy this story of the only women to serve in the legion.

    1. is this crystal g. de jean out of houston?

  3. IS the legion going to be disbanded?

  4. if the u.s. government says that you can't fight for your country than why not fight for an agenda that agrees with yours? the disgusting part is that the u.s. government will slander your name even further for fighting for a country that takes you. if they can't make you than they will try to break you even further. im getting out of america and never coming back asap.

  5. the stone that the builder refuses shall always be the head cornerstone. if the u.s. military rejects you than screw em. fight for the french. the french aren't so idiotic that they won't take young highly intelligent men. why live in a country that won't allow you to fight for their supposedly righteous cause? hemingway went to france and countless others and for good reason. the american government leaves out the best men. they are so incredibly self loathing that they can't bare the thought of...

  6. are there any foreign women out there? trying to get out of america and this piece of shit country not worth fighting for and never come back.