Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Czech Blue Card

It looks like the Czech government is now introducing the European Blue Card. From a recent article:
Prague, Czech Republic
Photo by Moyan Brenn 
A new type of permit – the Blue Card - has been introduced for highly skilled workers from outside the EU. Applicants will have to demonstrate that they have a University background, are intending to work in the Czech Republic for at least a year and will be earning at least 150% of the CZH 283, 176 Czech annual average salary. Blue Cards will be valid for up to two years, but can be further extended. Foreign workers already in the Czech Republic can also apply, provided that they satisfy the same criteria. These new permits do not replace the Green Cards introduced in 2009 which simplify the hiring of workers without professional qualifications from certain specified countries
So this doesn't help people immigrate to the Czech republic easier, but it does have that "blue card" advantage that many people are hoping for. Amusingly, it also mandates a health insurance requirement strict enough that no Czech insurance providers offer it.

I'm going to have to read up on the Green Card, though. It's only available to citizens of 12 countries, but it appears that the US is one of them.

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