Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My wife at 7 years old

Wife and daughter
My wife, feeding our daughter
My wife grew up in the north of France. I found a letter she wrote when she was around seven years old:
La souris,

Vous faites mal votre travail. ça fait deux dents que je perds. Je n'ai toujours rien. Je vais me plaindre au roi des souris!

Dear Tooth Fairy,

You're doing a bad job. I lost two teeth. I still have nothing. I'm going to complain to the King of the Tooth Fairies!

In France, the "tooth fairy" is a little mouse who takes your teeth and leaves a bit of change in return.

Around the letter she wrote various things such as vilaine and méchante — "naughty" and "mean".

Even at seven years old, my wife was a bad ass.


  1. Too cool for words!

  2. This is cute. I was able to practice my high school French a bit by trying to translate on my own (I didn't do too bad either)!