Friday, April 15, 2011

Not Photo Collection: Paris

In this blog I have, roughly, four "types" of posts.
  1. How to move abroad
  2. How to stay abroad (assimiliation, dealing with homesickness, etc.)
  3. Random stuff when I don't have much time
  4. Dreams
Fridays are usually about dreams. These are to get your head in the right spirit. You need to be able to keep your dreams fresh and in your mind if you want to accomplish them. Normally on Fridays I post a photo collection. I originally did this because researching for this blog and maintaining it are hard work and I thought photo posts would be quick and easy and I was dead wrong. It's a lot of work to find six related photos which are both aesthetically pleasing and appropriately licensed. Then I have to post and caption the damned things.

Today is simply a pair of videos by YvelinesFrance. Just music, no words, and all Paris. It's 18 minutes of Old-World beauty and would have been quick to post had I not written all of this.

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