Friday, April 8, 2011

Photo Collection: Life, March 2011

Still recuperating from the accident, so today is just a random selection of photos I've taken from our life here in Amsterdam in March, 2011.

Baby Acne?
Babies get acne? Who knew?

If you look closely, you can see zits on our baby daughter. They cleared up pretty quickly, but I never knew babies could get acne.

Our daughter, asleep in her room.
Our daughter's bedroom.

I really like the house we're living in, but we probably have to leave it in November. Not sure where in Amsterdam we'll move. I would love the Jordaan area, but I also love being able to afford to eat.

Duvel, one of my favorite beers.

Gotta love that pacifier at the left, eh? This photo was taken at a café by the world famous Bloemenmarkt. It's not the grand market that it once was, but you can still find some lovely flowers there. I used to live about a two blocks north of here in an apartment overlooking the Singel canal.

Wife and daughter
My two favorite women.

It's been good to be able to get outside again. The weather is starting to get warmer.

Our friend Armgard was in town, so we made a raclette for dinner.

I need to get Armgard to write a guest post one day. She's a Nigerian who's also lived in South Africa, Germany, the UK, the US and now is in Sweden with her wonderful partner Josef. Interestingly, she lived in Portland, Oregon, the same time I did but we didn't meet each other until we lived in London and shared a house together.

Alix and Arthur
One of my wife's childhood friends and a cat who adores her luggage.

This is Alix, one of Leïla's oldest friends. She was at our wedding and she and my wife have known each other almost 30 years now (I think). She and her boyfriend drove up from France to see our daughter. I'm sad I missed the photo of our cat burrowing head first into her luggage. There was something there he was desperate to get at.

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