Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tech: dynamically changing the blog description?

It's bloody annoying, but searching has failed me. How can I dynamically change the "description" on my blog posts. For the my last blog post, The Foreigner, I get the same useless description on Facebook and Google+:

Facebook at least allows me to manually edit that.

Google+ is a fail here (I suspect that will change soon)

When you search for "Overseas Exile" on Google, you again get the same description for every post, even though that's clearly not what I want.

Buckets o' #Fail

Does anyone know blogspot much better than I do and can recommend a way to jigger a template so that the "description" which appears becomes a proper preview? Instead of people reading this for every post:

Everyone should have a chance to live in another country. I'm an American who's lived in four countries and am currently living in Amsterdam with my lovely French wife. This blog is about ...

I'd like it to be a snippet of the first paragraph, like this:

Our niece, Kia, got on her plane back to the US. I can't possibly know what she will eventually decide she has taken from this trip, except that while she stated that in many ways Europe is better than the United States...


  1. I'd guess that Google has a Blogspot override that automatically uses the 'description' content in the absence of a meta description tag. Do you not have sufficient access to your templates to add some meta information?

    Facebook uses an FB-specific tag (check the source for "og:description") to provide the same content to Like button clicks.

  2. @Matthew: I can change my templates. The main issue is that I've so little time with a baby to really research it properly. Thanks for the tip about the og:description. I'll take a look when I can.