Thursday, September 22, 2011

Expat conferences

Future Expats Forum | How to Jumpstart Your Overseas Move

Audience at Humanities Theatre
Someone should be in that chair. Me?
Photo by Mohammad Jangda
This surprised me. I knew there were "how to be an expat conferences", but I didn't realize they were this popular. And this conference looks like it might actually be a good one. In the past I toyed with finding some of these conferences and pitching to be a paid speaker. I already speak quite regularly at technical conferences and I'm fairly comfortable doing it. I thought about just doing "howto" seminars, too.

That being said, I suspect most of them would be better targeted to the US market. After all, if you're here in Europe, you can already easily move to many other countries. Thus, it would be too hard to make howto seminars work, but it was a fun thought for a while. I'll just keep writing this blog.


  1. As a halfway house, you could do vidcast how-tos and charge a nominal fee ($5-15) for access?

  2. I suspect this will become a growth industry - probably something you've intuited in your applicant interviews - and is therefore something you are well positioned to service.