Monday, September 12, 2011

What's wrong with Stockholm

What's wrong with Stockholm -

Our friend Armgard (in the middle)
Every paradise has a downside. Admittedly, as a travel article it's going to look at things differently from how a native would, but it's a lovely discussion of a country that one of my best friends, Armgard, lives in (and one who hopefully will be joining us for dinner tomorrow with her boyfriend (sorry guys)).

I've also a friend Nadim who lives there and linked to the above article. I really need to get a flight over and catch up with all of them. Of course, once again this is the beautiful thing about Europe: hopping over to another country is so easy.

Speaking of which, I should be in Prague for a few days next month. I'll be working, but hopefully I'll get a few photos to toss this way.

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  1. Weather. That is what is wrong. Beautiful Malaysia on the other hand is wonderful :-) Some crazies might rather freeze than be warm. For them Stockholm and most of Northern Europe is probably pretty awesome.