Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving turkey
Turkey 'n delicious, delicious stuffing
Photo by antonellomusina
It's the one day of the year I really get homesick. I miss Thanksgiving dinner with my friends back in Portland.

My wife doesn't know much about Thanksgiving, so last night a an American friend of ours brought over Thanksgiving dinner. It was chicken instead of turkey (turkey's not as common over here), but it was delicious nonetheless.

And I think it was the first time I've eaten stuffing in years. I forgot how delicious stuffing is. As the years go by, I'm sure our daughter might think it a touch odd to be celebrating an American holiday, but I can't imagine her complaining. Extra holidays are always great, right?


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well!


    In Michigan some people celebrate a (fake) Finnish god of Snow. He's called Heikki and on Heikinpäivä (Heikki-day) people do a Snow Dance and eat pasties and nisu and pet the reindeer. Or eat them, I forget which. Nobody cares that the god is even fake. It's a holiday. NOM NOM NOM

  3. Wow, that sounds a lot like the fake Finnish holiday for St. Urho (Urhonpäivä) right around the same time as St. Patrick's. It's a Minnesotan invention that, at least in Helsinki, is thought of as a perfectly alright reason to drink. :)

    I'm up for any holiday that doesn't involve religion and has lots of food (or drink) involved. :)

    We'd have a turkey here if it wouldn't cost around 200 CHF or more for a tiny bird. The price of meat and, well, everything else is painful and it's just not the same without family. I could have gone to an expat luncheon by myself for about 100 CHF but...meh. Thanksgiving is, indeed, a powerful homesick maker.