Wednesday, December 14, 2011

French Guiana a Gateway to Europe?

My friend Michael R. sent me this fascinating story about French Guiana being a gateway to Europe.

French Guiana is a small area on the northwest coast of South America and is legally a d├ępartement d’outre-mer of France, or "overseas department". Legally it has the same status as any other French department.

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Were you to live and work there long enough and gain permanent residency, you should be able to move to France. Sadly, it doesn't appear any easier to "legally" emigrate there than to emigrate straight to France. Nonetheless, it's interesting to see the people will to do that in hopes of some day getting to Europe.

Of course, you could always go there illegally and marry a native. Then you just wait long enough and your spouse could apply for citizenship on your behalf.

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