Thursday, April 12, 2012

Expats in the Caymans

This is a quick "off post" on a day I don't normally post, but I found this post, Cayman’s Expats – 57 Varieties, And Counting - Gordon Barlow, to be absolutely fascinating.

It seems no matter where you live, there are inevitable tensions between expats and locals, but as I discovered here in Europe, much of that is closely tied to skin color.

Not so in the Caymans, apparently. The post describes a wonderful, lush, multi-national culture where, while there's still tension between expats and locals, it has little to do with skin color. Given that many Cayman locals are not "white", it makes for an intriguing story. Go read it..


  1. Thanks for the plug, Curtis. That was a generous thing to do, and is greatly appreciated.

    1. I wouldn't have plugged it if I didn't like it. I've already turned down one guest post because of how awful it was.

      Instead, I really appreciated the Cayman history and getting a tiny, tiny sense of how it evolved. While I still remember 1978, when you moved there, I know quite a few of my readers would not. There was a time when moving to another country was still thought of as exotic and much less common. I should start rummaging about and finding more stories of earlier expats.