Thursday, April 26, 2012

Romania is making it harder to get a work permit

Romania, Bucarest, Ostello Manuc
Wikimedia Commons
Romania is tightening their education requirements for work permits. You must have a full academic transcript for every university-level degree and you must submit every degree ever earned, including a high school diploma, with an apostille (sort of like a international notarization) or other legalization.

Romania has also set tight 2012 work permit quotas, though they are allowing the European Blue Card. As long as the economic malaise lasts, expect many countries to restrict immigration.


  1. Romania always makes things more complicated. On another note, glad to see that you switched to a dot com. DOn't ever switch to Wordpress though! I did, changed all my links, everything, the learning curve is a nightmare. After a lot of wasted time and money I'm going back to blogger. Hoping it'll happen in June.

  2. It's not like Romania is banning foreigners from entering their country. They are just implementing a tighter policy when it comes to work permits since some may have tried to abuse this in the past by using it as a way of entering the country to be an immigrant. I think it's just right for Romania to be strict with work permit requirements.

  3. Lots of aliens are living in other countries without working permits or approved visa. That's why Romania gets tighter their policy to avoid or prevent this kind of issue.

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