Friday, June 15, 2012

Singapore: The Perfect Place To Work And Start Your Business

Recently I was contacted by a Singaporean company, One Visa, asking if they could provide me with a guest blog post about Singapore. When this happens I usually tell the company that I'll consider it, but the content should not sound too corporate and it must actually be useful for someone wanting to live and work in another country. I have previously rejected other guest blog posts for not meeting these guidelines. I have not asked for or received compensation for this guest post.

Singapore is popularly known as "The Lion City" is a beautiful country, with excellent geographical features and an urban population. With about half of the country covered with greenery, Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Asia. The exceptionally attractive geographical features of Singapore make it an ideal place to retire to.

Often we come across people migrating from competent and highly developed economies like the United States, migrating to Singapore. This fact makes one wonder why people prefer Singapore to work and live. Following reasons explain why people prefer Singapore for work and business:

Best Country To Run A Business

Singapore topped the ranking on 'Ease Of Doing Business' for the sixth consecutive year. The beautiful Singapore is one of the best places for running your business easily and effectively. You can convert your dreams into reality. It takes relatively lesser time and capital to set up a company in Singapore. Besides, Singapore enjoys growing economy and best industrial statistics in the world. That is why it is also known as the 'Best Labour Force in the World'.

Another key point that makes Singapore a favorite choice for doing business is an outstanding tax system. The Singapore Government has one of the lowest Goods and Services Tax rate of 7%. There are no capital gains taxes in Singapore, and hence it remains to be the best choice for entrepreneurs.

Ease Of Communicating

One of the most important factors that make Singapore an ideal place for working is the ease of communication. English is the official language of Singapore, and you can easily communicate with the people there.

Ease of communication is an imperative factor for working, as it helps you express yourself and understand people in a new place. Therefore it’s not difficult to mingle with people in Singapore and establish contacts. Most people find it easy to adjust in Singapore, because of this very reason.

Flexible Immigration Policies

Singapore has an open immigration policy, which allows entrepreneurs to easily relocate to Singapore and set up their businesses. For those looking to work in Singapore at the earliest, obtaining a Singapore Work Visa is easy. If you are talented and got the right credentials, you can easily pass the eligibility conditions of immigration and get a Singapore Work Visa. People who are considering settling permanently in Singapore need to get Permanent Resident Status in Singapore.

Political Stability And Low Crime Rate

One of the major reasons that attract more foreign professionals to Singapore is the safety and low crime rate. The political stability is another privileged professionals working at Singapore enjoy. This highly prized stability gives Singapore the title –‘The Switzerland of Asia’. There are fewer incidents of crime in Singapore making you feel safe while enjoying a enjoying a quality life.

Singapore is the perfect place to head to, for a safe and secure future. It is situated at an ideal location, where expanding business is easy. You can enjoy good public and private transportation, along with an excellent support system for businesses. Other desirable aspects of working and staying at Singapore are good schools, easy access to neighboring countries along with a safe and healthy living environment.

Author Bio:

Priyanka Iyer is a content writer who likes reading and writing about travel and technology. She is a student of Statistics who loves to learn new languages and read about the different career prospects in different countries. She is currently writing about Singapore Work Visa, healthy lifestyles and business relocation.


  1. "Singapore: The Perfect Place to Work and Start Your Business" - unless you're gay.

  2. Singapore, immigration wise is yes arguably one of the most easiest accounts.

    But it's a police state, the polite kind where immigration officials offer you a mint while they stamp your passport and ask you to rate your experience. But no real right to assembly, sedition laws that are actively used, like Dave said laws against homosexuality. William Gibson's "Disneyland with the death penalty" is a fine piece of reading regarding the image of Singapore.

    I'm not saying don't go there, but like any other destination you need to take the law of the land in as a factor, does it align to your own beliefs or will you just accept them and learn to live with them?

  3. Lovely country (lived there for a while), excellent food, but HUGE deficits in terms of freedom of speech, democracy, etc. And while low-level corruption almost does not exist, some of the largest enterprises are controlled by Lee Kuan Yew's (Singapore's founding father) family. What a coincidence.