Country Profiles

Many Web sites list "country" profiles and then provide colorful descriptions of said countries. We don't do that. You want to live and work in another country — that's why you're here, right? — so we give you the basics on which languages are spoken, getting a work permit, acquiring residency and eventually citizenship. We also provide links to many of the sources we used so you can better understand the legal process. Note that these profiles are starting points and not comprehensive guides.

Each page will also have links to the country or destination profile's BBC, Wikipedia and CIA World Factbook profiles. This is to let you get a quick overview of the country if you decide that it's easy enough to get into.

Naturally, this list will grow over time, and I'm not adding countries in any particular order. Keep checking back to see if your desired country is here.

If you feel that we've missed something important or provided incorrect information, email publiustemp-overseasexile at my yahoo account, along with sources, and I'll update the information. Let me know whether or not you wish to be credited for the information (by default, I will credit you unless you ask me not to — I do respect people's privacy).