International Jobs

Note: to apply for these jobs, send email to "jobs at allaroundtheworld dot fr".

Wouldn't you rather be sitting in a café beside a canal in Amsterdam, eating bitterballen, surrounded by friends from all around the world and planning your next road trip across Europe? Now you can.

I Am sterdam
Amsterdam Canal
Photo by Jesus Solana
We have a company based in Amsterdam which is growing rapidly and due to a shortage of IT workers, is looking for multiple people to help build and maintain their Web site and other services. They're looking for people specializing in:
  • Front-end development
  • User interface design
  • Back-end development

Three bikes on the canal bridge in Amsterdam
One of these bikes can be yours
Photo by joiseyshowaa
Are you a whiz with HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make Web sites snap? Or maybe you're great at UX design, Photoshop (or the Gimp or whatever tools you're comfortable with) and know how to give customers exactly what they want?  Or maybe you're the back-end developer who's happy wrangling MySQL and writing Perl code that can handle anything you can throw at it? (Don't worry if you don't know Perl. You can learn it on the job.)

If this sounds like you and you dream of moving to Amsterdam, drop me a line with your CV or résumé at jobs at allaroundtheworld dot fr, (yes, that's really a .fr at the end).

How It Works

I'm not a recruiter. I'm an expat consultant and I try to help people live their dreams of living abroad. So when you contact me, I won't be trying to assess your skills or send your CV/résumé to anyone who will look at it. Instead, tell me what position you think you would be the best fit for and my wife or I will set a time to contact you via phone or Skype. We'll ask you a few questions — mostly to make sure you're prepared to move abroad — and you can ask us a few questions. Then we send your details along to the company. If they're interested they'll arrange a phone interview. After that, they may arrange to fly you out to Amsterdam for a few days so you can see the city and talk to them in person.

And if they offer you a job, they'll handle the work permit (if needed) and assist you with relocation costs. Are you ready to be an expat?

Also, here's a list of common questions and answers about the jobs.